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Francois Golbery, Co-Founding Partner, ESAFON

Francois Golbery, Co-Founding Partner & Chairman, ESAFON, Switzerland ,
Francois Golbery is the Chairman of ESAFON, a not-for-profit independent association registered in the Registrar of the Federal Office in Bern with the objective of promoting and facilitating best practices within the Finance industry.

At ESAFON, we are committed to help drive the impact agenda forward as we firmly believe that environmental and social unbalances - well described under the UN SDG’s - need urgently to be addressed strategically and financially.
Francois strongly supports the development of a mainstream global impact capital market driven by investor’s willingness and preference to achieve alongside financial returns, environmental and social returns as well.
Through ESAFON and its high profile expert network, Family Offices, strong drivers of Impact Investing, will learn how to develop the strategic and practical tools to master the hard compiling process to due diligence and risk assessment.

Francois is a global strategic advisor to Sustainable Corporates and Start-ups and SME’s involved in SDG 14 & 15.
The pandemic has revealed three key weaknesses in human and economic terms:
1) A lack of consciousness to climate change impact & upfront readiness for worse case scenario
2) A lack of governance for decision-making for an unknowable future & execution of a crisis plan
3) A lack of appraisal to balance economic efficiency with economic resiliency
In 1988, he started-up and grew the French subsidiary of IIR, a US leading conference business organization in Paris as the most profitable entity of the group and was elected Manager of the Year in 1992 & 1993. He received his prize from Edward de Bono, the originator of the lateral thinking concept. Took over the overall responsibility of the Portuguese office and consequently had a team of 150 people under his responsibility.
He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Hartford (Connecticut), under the patronage of Michel Barnier, former Commissioner of the Internal Market Division of the European Commission and now in charge of negotiating the Brexit for the EU. Francois is a member of the Royal Ocean Racing Club.

Anne Walhain Golbery, Co-Founding Partner, ESAFON

Dr Anne Walhain Golbery, Co-Founding Partner & Managing Director, ESAFON, Switzerland ,

Anne is Co-Founder, Managing Director and Board Member of ESAFON, a Swiss non-profit independent association of Family Offices, Asset Managers and Strategic Advisors, started in 2001 with the objective of promoting and facilitating best practices within the Finance industry.
ESAFON new objectives from 2015 are to help family offices, private and institutional investors and Entrepreneurs increase access, scalability and effectiveness of their Global Impact Investments.
At ESAFON, Anne is a global strategic impact advisor to tech Start-ups and SME’s involved in SDG 14 & 15. Anne and Francois her partner are helping impact entrepreneurs to develop their sustainable business locally and internationally and to raise funds.
Anne has been the co-founder and Managing Director of MGI Management Global Information SA, a Swiss company based in Geneva, addressing strategic issues to the Global Wealth Management and Fund Industry during 15 years, through international conferences in Europe, the US and South East Asia.
Previously, as IT Program Manager, Anne has been designing and implementing Technical Information Systems for the Space Electronic Equipments at EADS (ex-Matra Marconi Space), Velizy, France, for 12 years, from 1982 to 1994.
Anne held a Doctorate in Atomic Physics, University of Caen, France, 1979.
Francois & Anne are Partners in life and in business with five children. They enjoy working together and also sailing, skiing, to live in nature.





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