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MGFF is a strategic advisory firm based in Dublin, with 16 years’ experience in addressing new developments that will have a long-term impact to the Fund and Wealth Management Industry, in Europe, the US, LATAM and Asia.

In Europe, MGFF Ltd is at the forefront of the asset management and fund industry to address the strategic impact of European Initiatives, Regulations and Principle-led Directives within the Lamfalussy procedure.

MGFF provides a strategic vision to complex environment to Wealthy Families and Family Offices which need to globalize their assets and design a Family and Family Office governance with the objective of stimulating entrepreneurship internally and through investments.

MGFF supports European Financial Centres and Regulators to help position themselves on specific and niche markets while offering an innovative, business friendly, safe, reliable, and cost & tax effective approach.

MGFF designs and develops tailor-made conferences focusing on their key strategies, own objectives and specific goals.

Fund Advisory Services

MGFF offers strategic advisory services to Fund Promoters and Asset Managers willing to register and administer their product range in the most appropriate cost-effective European jurisdictions including Malta, Dublin and Luxembourg to ensure the distribution of their products in compliance with European regulations.

MGFF helps Fund & Asset Managers find out the most appropriate service providers to ensure the operational functions of their fund administration, including legal set-up, governance, oversight and risk management attached to their fund characteristics.

Family Advisory Services

MGFF helps Family-Owned Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Family Offices set-up their corporate structures in the best juridictions such as Malta, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada and through the most appropriate estate planning tools to ensure tax effectiveness.

MGFF help Wealthy Families constitute their own single family office and appropriate governance body.

MGFF helps Family-Owned Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Family Offices relocate their assets and redomicile their residence and negociate with the tax authorities the most favorable regime and a Permanent Residence Permit.

MGFF helps Family-Owned Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Family Offices to create their captive insurance and pension plans in a stable and safe jurisdiction tax efficiently.

Who are We?

Two Partners with a 15 years track record in the Fund and Wealth Management Industry

Anne Golbery has been managing for 15 years the MGI Group and ESAFON operations, developing with François Golbery a focused database in Finance and privileged contacts in Wealth & Asset Management

ESAFON main objective is to facilitate exchanges amongst professionals in the asset, fund and wealth management and help members implement new regulations and best practices in an harmonized and transparent environment.

She holds a Doctorate in Atomic Physics, Caen 1979

François Golbery is focusing on emerging trends that will have a strong impact on the Wealth Management and Fund Industry to help formulating tomorrow’s strategies for implementation in day-to-day business practices.

He has built –up a personal network of high calibre experts that are instrumental to forge the future and do participate in high level think tanks such as ATCA (Asymmetric Threats & Contingency Alliance) which conducts collective Socratic dialogue on global opportunities and threats. 

He helps financial centres identify their strengths and position themselves to compete within the global arena. He holds an MBA in Finance from Hartford University.

How to contact and visit us

Francois Golbery
00 41 79 616 01 60

Anne Golbery
00 33 6 45 83 67 67

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May 15th & 16th, 2019

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